Purchase Agreement


These purchase terms are apply to all contracts between you and us on product purchase. Unless stated otherwise, all payments made to Tokyo Trading LTD are non-refundable unless stated otherwise here.


“WE”, “Us”, “Our”, “Company” means Tokyo Trading LTD. “You”, “Your” means person who is buying the products under these terms and conditions. “Working Days” means all working days excluding Sundays, national/bank/Public holiday. “Product” means vehicle(s)/unit(s) you purchase from us.


After you have placed an order online, you will receive an email of your order. Then you will have to make following steps:-

  • A 50% of total price has to be transferred to our company’s bank account to secure your order.
  • We do not process any order under any circumstances without the payment of the first 50% deposit.
  • The contract between you and us starts once the initial payment has been effected.
  • You may cancel your order any time prior to the point where we dispatch your product and you have made all the payments.
  • Though we check our systems regularly and we try to avoid all the possible errors and mistakes, things can still go wrong. If we make any mistake, we try our best to make everything back to normal with as little inconvenience and as quickly possible.


  • All payments must be made to Tokyo Trading LTD bank account, beneficiary in Japan only. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of payment made to any other bank account.
  • We only accept telegraphic transfer (T.T) as a payment method. No other payment methods are acceptable.
  • It takes 2-3 days to confirm the transfer, therefore a scanned T.T copy of the payment made is required immediately to avoid any delays.
  • If the order is cancelled after the payment, the company holds the right to deduct and cover all the expenses occurred in Japan to process your order.
  • Once all deductions have been made, you will be informed of the expenses with an invoice and you will be notified with your remaining balance which will be sent back to you after covering all expenses.


  • All the orders are based on first come, first served rule. Once the payment has been made, then we arrange your product delivery on the next available vessel.
  • The shipping process can be delayed due to any mechanical or engine issue of the ship. Company cannot be held responsible for such events.
  • We will inform you of such events to keep you updated about the progress.
  • The shipping process is subjected to availability of ship.
  • The shipping process will start once 50% of the amount is transferred to company’s bank. The company holds all rights to cancel the order if the initial payment is not received within 7 working days (reservation period).
  • The company will send you the BOL (Bill of Landing) and other documents once 100% amount of the unit cost is transferred to company’s bank account.
  • The shipping process does not include any custom tax imposed by your country government.
  • In some countries, vehicle clearance require extra documents which are not provided by the company but can be availed upon request. If there is any other documents required by your government, kindly Contact us so that we can co-operate to prepare the documents.
  • Please note that the requested documents will be subjected to company policies and will be provided if they satisfy our policy.


  • Price shown on the website does not include any kind of tax which is imposed by the government in Japan. Neither does it include any shipping charges of the product.
  • The price shown on the website does not include any bank transfer, custom or shipping chargers.
  • We make sure that all our prices are up to date according to the market. But if accidently, we make any mistake in the price, we will notify you about the updated price whether you want to keep the order or cancel the order. If we do not hear from you within 3 working days, we will cancel your order.
  • Tokyo Trading LTD reserves all rights to change the price of any of its product according to the daily market without any prior notice to anyone. All products are subjected to availability.
  • Tokyo Trading LTD does not include or impose any kind of hidden charges at our prices. Our belief is to be transparent and stay transparent throughout our dealing with each other.


  • Tokyo Trading LTD deals in all kinds of cars and therefore, please takes your time to think about placing the order. All of our staff is highly qualified in their field and therefore experienced to assist in making your purchasing decision.
  • You can cancel your order with us under following circumstances:
    • Cancellation before 100% payment has been made and your product is already on the ship.
    • Faulty goods.


  • You can cancel your order for any reason or even no reason before the payment is affected. Kindly inform us of your cancellation so that we can process your request in our system.
  • The company reserves all rights to put the unit’s advertisement back on the website without any prior notice to you once you cancel the order.


  • If you have any major fault in the transmission or engine, a notification of such issue must be brought to our knowledge within the 15 days after the vessel arrive.
  • We do not accept any minor issues in used cars orders such us broken side mirror during the shipping or indicator is not working etc.
  • No complaints are acceptable after the date has passed.
  • Please note that the used cars are brought from the auction centres “as is” so there is no guarantee regarding the accuracy of mileage on the odometer.

All clauses are application to the buyer from our company. For further questions or information, kindly contact us using the contact button below.

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